«Time to stop wearing mini!» What Stone looked like in shorts made a splash

Stone again forgot about her age and wore mini shorts! 😳😬 The actress’s legs with cellulite and varicose caught everyone’s attention! 🤯😯 See the disappointing snapshots in this article! 👇👇👇

The unusual style of this legendary and acclaimed 65-year-old actress is being actively discussed. The main reason why people criticize the iconic film star is her «wish» to look younger. Yet, the reality is a little bit disappointing.

She was spotted wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Stone put her aged legs on display and soon her cellulite and other age-related changes became the topic of heated discussions.

The opinions of the film star vary greatly. Some started to criticize her for wearing mini shorts at her 65 and looking ridiculous, while the others believed she looked simply fantastic for her age. She seemed happy and satisfied, though.

«Who are you to judge her?», «It is the business of none of you!», «Age has already taken its tall!», «It is completely up to her what to wear».