«It’s time to stop wearing mini!» The recent outing of Sharon Stone became the subject of heated discussions

The fans advised Stone not to wear shorts anymore after her latest look! 😬🤢 The star of «Basic Instinct» again «forgot» about her age and showed up with bared legs! 🤤❤️‍🔥«Who is going to remind her of her age?», «What an eyesore!» and other comments hit the actress! 💬 Be prepared to see the talked-about photos in this article! 👇

The irreplaceable role, significant contribution and incredible heights of this Hollywood star can hardly be overestimated. Stone has left a forever mark in the film industry with her iconic role in such great movies like «Basic Instinct», «Casino», «The Muse», etc.

For many decades she was regarded to be among the most appealing and charismatic actresses who had no equals in America’s cinema. Yet, years have passed and her time is believed to be gone. Surprisingly, the iconic star is already 65 and what she looks like today lets no one remain indifferent.

Nevertheless, Stone seems not to care about her age at all and still gives her preference to rather daring and revealing outfits. It we take one of her latest outings, she dared to show up in mini shorts paying no attention to her rounded knees, cellulite and skin pigmentation.

«This is what ageing like wine means!», «Let her live her life! What she is wearing is none of your business», «Age is just a number for her!».