Mother’s genes said «Goodbye!» This is what happened to the four children of Klum and Seal

She was married to Seal for 9️⃣ years with whom she shared 4️⃣ children! 😮Paparazzi have filmed the supermodel with her grown-up kids and here they are!🧐 📸 Who looks after them and did they inherit their father’s skin tone? 🤔 For more – see the article! 👇

For those who don’t know, H. Klum was previously married to popular and successful singer Seal. Their marriage lasted for 9 years and just imagine their fans’ surprise when the iconic couple announced their split thus leading millions to no more believe in true love.

It is worth mentioning that during their marital life they welcomed three children who filled their lives with joy and happiness. The singer became the stepfather of her daughter from her ex-partner and treated her just the same way. He loved their equally and was dedicated to each of them.

«Dad’s genes dominate», «Poor Heidi, her children look nothing like her!», «Never will I guess that they are Klum’s children!», «How does the model’s new husband treat them I wonder?», «The daughter is the only one who took her mom’s skin tone».