«It’s never too late!» Legendary pop singer Cher showed her young boyfriend and blew up the network

Who is going to remind her that she is already 7️⃣7️⃣?🤭 Cher brought her boyfriend to public who is, believe it or not, 4️⃣0️⃣ years younger than her! She treats age just like a number and has no plans to retire! 😉 Whom does the pop singer’s heart belong to? 🤔 See their joint photos in this article! 👇

Age doesn’t matter if one seeks love. Today’s article is about one of the most legendary, successful and desirable pop singers. Despite already approaching her 80, Cher has found new love and even made a rare public appearance with him showing off her ring which is rumored to be an engagement one.

Cher’s still active love life causes mixed reactions. Some are sincerely happy for their union wishing them happy long years together, while the others consider their relationship ridiculous and hold the opinion that a woman her age should look after her grandchildren only.

The fact that Cher’s new partner is 40 years younger than the pop singer became the subject of heated discussions. Their public appearance caused a furor. Cher seemed a little bit shy, while her partner was rather confident.

«The guy is here for money. No doubt!», «Other women her age enjoy time with their grandkids. What is she doing?», «This is what a lucky man looks like!», «She would suit him as a mother», «Enough Internet for today».