«Only a blind man could choose her!» The new scandalous photos of Hugh Jackman and his wife surface the network

The fans advised Hugh Jackman to find a better-looking woman after this! 😬😱Hidden paparazzi have filmed the Australian actor with his wife and caused a furor! 🫢🤯While the man still looks hot, Deborra’s appearance left a lot to be desired! 🤢😤 See the article for the talked-about photos! 👇

There is a large number of couples with big age difference. In most cases, men are older, yet today’s couple shows the opposite situation. No one will deny that H. Jackman and D. Furness are among the most enduring and harmonious couples.

The age difference between them is 13 years which still keeps making headlines on social media. Despite others’ disbelief, they could make it and stay absolutely inseparable for already 28 years. There have been no rumors about their family scandals or love affairs.

Deborra’s appearance often causes mixed reactions among the couple’s fans. Some claim that she has let herself go and Jackman with his athletic body deserves someone better. The others put the emphasis on their undividable bond praising their dedication and respect for each other.

«Never have I seen a more faithful and dedicated man!», «She would suit him as a mother!», «What did he find in her?», «One of the most iconic couples in show business».