Brad Pitt Aims to Build a Family with Beloved Ines de Ramon and Plans to Become a Father Again

It is reported that Brad Pitt is aiming to start a family with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon amid tension with the children he shares with his ex, Angelina Jolie.

The actor is looking to begin anew with the jewelry designer, especially now that everyone knows how his children, particularly Pax, perceive him as a father.

Brad and Ines are deeply in love, and she recently moved into his mansion in Los Angeles, proving just how serious they are! He knew from the start that Ines wanted to be a mother, and they have discussed it, considering the 30-year age difference.

The informant further noted that some of Pitt’s friends were surprised by his readiness to become a father again, but he insisted that he really wants it too.

The source added that after everything he has been through with his children, he wants to start fresh and create new memories.

Brad isn’t getting any younger, so this is something they would like sooner rather than later. He even joked about participating in school runs at “70” and hopes people will still see him as a heartthrob!

For those not in the know, it recently became public that Jolie and Brad’s adopted daughter, Zahara, has dropped the Hollywood star’s last name and is only using her mother’s surname.

A few days later, a message from their adopted son Pax surfaced in the media, written in 2020, in which he stated that Pitt turned the lives of the closest people into a constant hell.