“Selena Gomez’s Evolving Look”: A Hair Transformation Sparks Speculation on Cosmetic Changes

The style, color, and length of her hair have changed multiple times, but her new look has attracted increased attention.

31-year-old Selena Gomez is clearly not someone who settles on a haircut and sticks with it for decades. Over the past few years, she has sported a straight blunt bob, long extensions, experimented with bangs, and alternated between wavy and perfectly sleek hair.

The singer has also been inconsistent in her choice of hair color, having been a brunette, blonde, chestnut, and even a redhead at different times. This is precisely why the latest transformation of the American star was expected to captivate both her fans and critics.

On November 3, 2023, Gomez announced on her restricted social media account that she would be temporarily stepping away from the media space. The reason behind this decision was the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the constant calls from internet users to take a stance on one side or the other.

Just a week after this bold statement, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend reconnected with her fans. Two weeks later, she revealed her new look by posting two photos showing that she now has chestnut hair flowing below her shoulders, highlighted with bright strands dyed in a cool blonde shade.

To achieve this hairstyle, the star had to consult not only a colorist (by the way, the procedure was performed by the renowned stylist Philippe Verheyen) but also a hair extension specialist. In early October, she appeared on the red carpet of her Rare Impact Fund charity event as a brunette with a bob.

Despite the unexpected and comprehensive change in her appearance, what intrigued Gomez’s followers more were other alterations in her looks. For quite some time now, the singer’s face has been scrutinized for any signs of filler and Botox usage.

The singer herself denies any speculations, attributing all changes in her appearance to fluctuations in weight due to the use of potent medications for lupus and bipolar disorder treatment. According to Selena, all transformations in her appearance are the result of growing up and battling serious illnesses.

However, internet users are hesitant to believe the artist. They are convinced that during her brief hiatus from social media, Gomez did not waste time and most likely paid a visit to a cosmetic surgeon.

Debates erupted online, aiming to understand the nature of the star’s latest changes. One thing is clear to her fans: the visit to the colorist was a secondary matter, an attempt to shift attention from her face to her hair.

“Her face shape is constantly changing”; “Not only the hairstyle changed. Anyone can see they’ve put in some serious work on her face”; “Why does she look like she’s in her 40s at 31?”; “Changing hairstyles is a well-known tactic to distract from facial procedures,” fans reacted to the actress’s new image.

This is not the first time Selena has been suspected of simultaneously changing her hairstyle and undergoing cosmetic procedures. In March 2022, she posted a photo with dark wavy hair and an airy fringe, but once again, the audience’s attention was focused on her face.

“It seems she had a rhinoplasty. The new haircut is nice, but I can’t stop looking at her nose”; “Her chin… It has become more pointed,” users criticized her appearance back then.