59-year-old Keanu Reeves was caught tenderly kissing his lover – fans’ opinions were divided

Fans Divided as 59-Year-Old Keanu Reeves Caught Kissing His Lover! Check Out the Reactions Here

Not all fans of the actor liked the union of Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant from the very beginning. If some agreed that next to such a quiet, modest and kind person there should be an artist, then others thought that next to the screen John Wick there should be a beauty of the Hollywood type. But this doesn’t bother Keanu much, to the delight of the more adequate part of his fan base, and for many years now he has been happy with his chosen one.

There is no need to wonder for a long time whether Alexandra is really the one: just look at their photos together – the actor shines with her like no other. By the way, another proof of this is fresh photos from the set, where Keanu is currently working on the film “Exodus” (it was for this film that he decided to make dramatic changes in appearance ). Grant visited her boyfriend and could not resist a tender kiss – this touching moment was captured by the paparazzi.

Surprisingly, Keanu is the kind of celebrity who is generally unlikely to cause negativity among the public. Therefore, among the statements about the new photos of Reeves and Grant, almost all are positive. However, there was also a bit of hate. Some fans still insist that the actor should follow in the footsteps of his Hollywood colleagues and choose someone younger as his wife (remember, Keanu Reeves himself is 59 years old, and Alexandra Grant is 50).

However, any critical attacks pale in comparison with what his real fans write about the Matrix star. Here’s one of our favorite comments: “While I have no doubt that Keanu would be happier with me, I reluctantly admit that they have a great relationship!” 0% judgment, 100% understanding.

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