What Ben Affleck was hiding from Jennifer Garner

What Ben Affleck was hiding from Jennifer Garner? Uncover the secret that kept Ben Affleck on edge. Click the link to delve into the mystery and share your thoughts.

As it became known, Ben Affleck kept love letters from JLo for 20 years. It’s interesting that the singer herself decided to share such a detail. Therefore, some Internet users suggested that this was done on purpose to annoy the actor’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner . What was the reason for such revelations and why commentators criticized the singer, you will find out in our material in the next couple of minutes.

Ben Affleck kept letters from JLo

It’s no secret that the romance between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in the early 2000s was on everyone’s lips. This is not surprising, because celebrities in love had practically no opportunity to even hide from the paparazzi. Bennifer’s fans did not stand aside, eager to see the couple in person. And it is likely that it was this pressure and public attention that ultimately led to the dissolution of the engagement.

Much water has passed under the bridge since then. Both the singer and the actor had subsequent novels, marriages and relationships. Only in the spring of 2021 were we able to see Bennifer again. It seems that the celebrities not only reunited, but literally carried their love through the years. Romantic, isn’t it?

All this time, Ben Affleck kept love letters from JLo secret from Garner. By the way, the singer herself spoke about this in a new documentary about her life. “Ben gave me this book on our first Christmas together. Here is every letter we wrote to each other 20 years ago and today .”

“Two people with different approaches”

It would seem that every woman dreams of such romantic actions from her chosen one. But, according to Internet users, spreading this to the whole world is not the best idea. “She is ready to make money even on their feelings”, “This is all wonderful, but after such confessions I somehow don’t really believe in their great love”, “I wonder if J. Lo specifically stated this to annoy Garner ?”

Ben himself was not delighted with such revelations. You see, in addition to the above, it’s worth mentioning the creative secret behind Lopez’s latest album. So, the singer was not only inspired by these letters, but also showed them to her team. “I was like, ‘Have you shown all the musicians all these letters? Oh my God…” Jen was truly inspired by this experience. This is how artists do their work. They are inspired by their personal lives. As a writer and director, I certainly do the same,” Affleck admitted.

By the way, the man also spoke about one request that he voiced to Jennifer at the time of the reunion. So, the actor asked the singer not to create “relationships for social networks.” And at the same time, Ben Affleck understands that this is not an entirely honest request. After all, celebrities literally have different approaches, so they are trying to learn to find a compromise. As a result, while Lopez opens up to reporters, her husband remains her complete opposite, preferring to remain in the shadows.