Paparazzi photographed Pierce Brosnan’s 100-pound wife

Caught by Paparazzi: Pierce Brosnan’s 100-Pound Wife Raises Eyebrows! What’s the Buzz Behind the Lens? Dive into the Story!

The famous actor Pierce Brosnan has been happily married to Keely Smith for 22 years. At the same time, the pier often has to protect his wife on social networks from angry comments from ill-wishers.

It’s all about Keely’s appearance. Over the past few years, she has gained a lot of weight and began to weigh about 100 kg. Fans of the actor often leave angry comments under their photos together, to which Brosnan always reacts. Pierce himself said that he forbade his wife to have any operations. He loves her at any weight.

Users left the following comments:

  1. “Very beautiful couple. I always admired them.”
  2. “Pierce Brosnan is not only very handsome, but also a real man. Not everyone can defend his wife’s honor so zealously.”
  3. “I never understood how you could reduce yourself to such an ugly appearance.”