52-year-old Lopez took the stage without bras and in a see-through dress to receive a music award.

It looks vulgar. It’s time to know the honor. Why flash your butt on stage? 😳

52-year-old Jennifer Lopez doesn’t even think about aging. Recently, new photographs of a Hollywood diva appeared on the Internet, who proves by her own example that after 50, life is just beginning. Jennifer appeared on stage in a see-through dress, creating a real sensation among her fans.

Lopez’s fans couldn’t contain their delight in the comments under the beauty’s fresh shots. “Jennifer, I can’t even believe that you’re over 40,”

“Looks great for her biological age”, “Gorgeous woman”, “I admire you”, “Beauty”, “Jennifer has canceled old age”,

“This is too much,” Internet users write. I would like to know your opinion, friends.

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