What did he find in her?: The way renowned actor Reeves’s gray-haired fiancée looks caused a stir on network

The appearance of actor Reeves’s gray-haired lover was criticized by the netizens

There is no need to mention that prominence and talented actor K. Reeves is always the center of everyone’s attention. The legendary man is adored by a number of girls and women who admire his courage, attractiveness and charisma.

Currently, though being already 57, the iconic actor doesn’t cease to be the idol for his fans. Whereas his recent scandalous appearance with his fiancée didn’t let neither his fans nor the haters remain silent.

The 47-year-old gray-haired woman he appeared with was heavily criticized for looking much older than the actor himself. Many even confused her with the man’s mother wondering what he found in her.

However, his loyal fans don’t miss a single chance to note that the couple looks harmonious and happy together.