They saw him start digging huge ditches in the backyard and loading soil into bags 

DIY projects are always a challenge. To build and create something from scratch requires a lot of dedication, a creative mind, and in the case of a man named Alex Dodman, watching plenty of YouTube videos.

The Essex native recently moved to a new home which needed renovation. Being interested in doing most of the renovation himself, he made a plan and turned his new place into an incredibly beautiful home for himself, his wife Sarah, and their two children, Allie and Eddie.

Once the renovation was done, it was the time for a new pool. Believe it or not, Alex constructed it mostly by himself. He started the project back in 2020, but then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and his work was delayed.

He bought most of the materials needed through Facebook and the final project cost him around $10,000, which is much less than to hire a professional for the job.

“I did everything myself,” he said, “from picking up the materials and bringing them into my garden to hiring a digger and digging the hole, as well as the tiling and all of the plumbing.”

Constructing a swimming pool was truly challenging, but Alex was determined to turn his backyard into a place for enjoyment. In order to be able to understand the entire process, he watched plenty of YouTube videos, especially the work of a woman from Holland who was his inspiration as he admired her DIY creation.

When the pool was finished, he was proud of what he achieved, and his family loved it.

This wasn’t the first time, however, for Alex to build something from scratch. In the past, he created a home theater and a gym all by himself which helped him safe around $75,000. Impressive, isn’t it?

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