Taylor Swift fan pays $800 for Eras Tour VIP ticket only to find out her view is blocked

26 February 2024, 14:38

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The $800 VIP tickets were obstructed by an equipment tent, despite there being no restricted view warning.

Imagine spending $800 to see your favourite artist perform on a once-in-a-lifetime tour, getting to your seat and then finding out your view is completely obstructed. Literal nightmare situation.

Unfortunately, that exact thing happened to a Taylor Swift fan in Melbourne, Australia last week, who discovered that her lower bowl VIP seats, which were just a few rows above the floor section, were directly in front of an equipment tent.

The fan, named Madelyn, posted her unlucky view on TikTok showing how the tent had completely blocked her view of the stage and half of the walkway.

Taylor Swift fan in Melbourne ended up with blocked view on her VIP tickets
Taylor Swift fan in Melbourne ended up with blocked view on her VIP tickets.

“Beyond a joke @Melbourne Cricket Ground this needs to be fixed!! My section is M19,” the fan captioned her video on TikTok.

In the comments, she also explained that she was given no warning when she bought the VIP tickets that it would have an obstructed view. (Usually, any seat with a restricted or blocked view, including those behind the stage, will be flagged before buying.)

When told by another user that she should have expected a restricted view due to the black square on the seating map, Madelyn responded: “What that small square on the map? How was I suppose to know it would block me? Especially since it didn’t say it.”

Swifties in the comments have sympathised with Madelyn, and others have shared their similar experiences. One user wrote: “I was at M19 row H seat 4 and 5. Very dissapointed seeing my obstructed view. They should have sold this ticket with lower price not stating VIP.”

Thankfully, it looks like the issue was solved before Taylor hit the stage. “Luckily they moved us but we did have to complain,” Madelyn wrote in the comments.

The next video posted to her account shows that she had been moved along and away from the equipment tent, and now had a seat that had a completely unobstructed view of the full stage. Others in that same seating area also got moved after they complained.