Such a face at 54?: Jennifer Lopez showed herself without makeup, causing serious controversy among fans

And Ben Affleck sees her like this every morning? Jennifer Lopez’s post without makeup caused a mixed reaction among 244 million people.

It’s no secret that now all people, especially celebrities, use Photoshop. But Jennifer Lopez, of course, cannot be compared with the Kardashian family. Of course, fans are used to always seeing her glamorous and always with makeup.

This time Lopez decided to surprise her fans and showed her face without makeup․ She shared how she does everyday makeup․
First of all, she applied a lifting serum, a nourishing cream with brightening properties, then an enhancing radiance, and a highlighter from her own products.

All her subscribers began to discuss Lopez’s appearance. Many were delighted to see her natural beauty and some followers were sure that she used filters. They called on her to finally show her real skin, and some suggested that she uses expensive cosmetics and laser treatments.

It is worth noting that this video was the most recent post on her account, which caused serious controversy among fans․