Richard Gere Met Wife When She Was a Girl – She’s Living in a ‘Dream’ after Switching Religions for Him

Richard Gere, one the stars of the renowned film “Pretty Woman” celebrated five years of marriage with his third wife, Alejandra Silva.

She posted a picture from their beach trip with their three children and said the family trip was to celebrate Mother’s Day and their wedding anniversary.

Richard Gere in Hamburg, Germany in 1996 | Source: Getty Images

Richard Gere in Hamburg, Germany in 1996 | Source: Getty Images

She admitted they went to “paradise.” In another post, she shared a family picture of them at the beach during sunset and captioned it, “For many more years. Happy anniversary my love.”

The couple is happy together, and Silva clarified that she was not bothered by the 33-year age gap between her and Gere.

How Did Richard Gere Meet His Wife?

Gere and his wife first met when Silva was still a little girl, but they ran into each other again at a hotel she managed, Treville Hotel, in Positano, Italy.

A mutual friend re-introduced them, and the couple said they felt a strong connection. Silva was apprehensive about going out with Gere, but he sent her flowers and wrote her songs until she agreed.

Silva believed that she and Gere were meant to be because of the undeniable connection they shared. Although the questions about the age difference were looming in her head, the “karmic energy” between them made them all disappear.

However, things were challenging initially since their relationship started long distance. Silva revealed that they only saw each other when their children were with their ex-partners, but not more than 20 days would go by before they were together again.

Richard Gere in Paris, France in 2002 | Source: Getty Images

Richard Gere in Paris, France in 2002 | Source: Getty Images

Looking back at how much effort Gere put into their relationship, Silva felt like the luckiest woman alive. She was wooed by the daily songs her husband wrote her and the beautiful flowers he sent to earn her love.

Silva, an activist, could not stop blushing over her husband. She described him as “the most humble, sensitive, affectionate, attentive, funny, generous man I’ve ever met.” To top it off, Silva said Gere asked her each morning what he could do to make her happy.

As one can already imagine, the proposal was also very romantic. The activist did not share many details about it, but it was an intimate moment between them at the most beautiful hotel in the South of France. “I get emotional just remembering it,” she said.

The couple tied the knot in 2018 and made a rather unexpected entrance to their wedding in a tuk-tuk. Silva said Gere was driving, but seeing the shock on their guest’s faces was funny.

The activist remembered when Gere saw in her dress and said, “I was the most spectacular woman he had ever seen.” Silva was nervous and overwhelmed and told him how much she loved him.

The couple ensured their children were also involved in the ceremony, and they had the big job of being ring bearers. They had a beautiful and emotional ceremony they will both cherish forever.

Silva was not the only that could not stop gushing about her partner. Gere also expressed, “I am the happiest man in the universe.”

The actor praised his wife for how beautiful, sensitive, and forgiving she was. On top of it all, he said she was a good cook that made the best salads. Most importantly, he loved how much of a devoted mother Silva was to their children.

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva in New York in 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva in New York in 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Almost two decades after Gere welcomed his first child with ex-wife Carey Lowell, he and Silva had a son in 2019. The activist also has a son, Albert, from her previous marriage. In 2020, the 73-year-old actor and his 40-year-old wife welcomed a second son.

How Did Richard Gere Change His Wife’s Life?

Silva runs an organization called Rais Fundacion, and it is committed to helping eradicate homelessness in Spain. The activist said she lived like a homeless person for a while to understand the experience truly. This was her way of expressing how much she cared about her mission with her foundation.

But her deep love for being a committed humanitarian came from her husband’s influence. Silva said before she and Gere tied the knot, she converted to Buddhism and moved to New York.

Buddhism changed her life and made her a better and more aware person. It was also a spiritual experience that brought her and her husband closer. She reiterated, “I’ll be eternally grateful to him. No doubt about it, thanks to Buddhism, my life has changed.”

Speaking on the 33-year age gap, Silva said she could not ignore the love she and Gere shared. But above all else, her husband promised her the happiest 20 years of her life, which was an offer she could not refuse.

She also revealed that Gere was more energetic than she was, “I find it hard to keep up with him,” she joked. What she loves the most is her husband’s happiness and the unsaid assurance of how much they love each other.

Therefore, the age gap does not matter because Gere has all the qualities she wants in a man, and with their spiritual connection and their love for people, her marriage is a dream come true. “It’s the sweetest, most romantic dream I’ve ever had. That’s why I’ve decided to stay in it!” she gushed.