Mom has quadruplets without using fertility, then doctor notices something very special

Jenny Marr was 34 when she and her husband decided it was time for a baby. But things didn’t go as planned and they only learned they were expecting a year later.

They would have been more than happy with one baby, but what life had in store for them shook their world for the better.

When the time came for them to hear their little one’s heartbeat for the first time, Dr. Murray revealed something extraordinary.

“Dr. Murray began doing the sonogram, and all of a sudden she got this funny look on her face and turned the screen away from us,” said Jenny. “I immediately started thinking something was wrong with the heartbeat. I told her it was okay and that she could tell me if there was a problem.”

“Oh no, there’s definitely a heartbeat,” the doctor responded. “Actually, there are three babies in there.”

A week later, another sonogram revealed yet another baby. The Marrs were about to become parents of four.

“It sounds horrible to say, but I don’t know if it was necessarily tears of joy. We were completely overwhelmed and frankly, terrified,” Chris Marr, Jenny’s husband, said.

“The fact that we didn’t have any medical intervention, and no history of multiples in either of our families, made the news a total shock,” Jenny added.

They didn’t use any fertility treatments but conceived naturally and the chances for that are extremely slim. What is even rarer is that the babies, Harrison, Hardy, Henry and Hudson, are identical monochorionic quadruplets. So far, there have been only 72 such cases recorded in the world’s medical literature.

We are so happy for this beautiful family of 7, yes, the family’s dog Zeke makes another member.

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