Miranda Lambert’s legs continued to stun the public after she embraced her natural weight. But “the legs award unquestionably goes”…

ountry music star Miranda Lambert was praised for her “gorgeous” legs when fans saw her perform in a sparkling blue mini dress.

Although Lambert’s legs were complimented, fans said, “the legs award unquestionably goes” to another country music icon.

Despite what fans had to say, both women embrace their bodies and continue to feel their best.

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert, 39, is known for her incredible musical talent, which has taken her to great heights of success over the years. The “Mama’s Broken Heart” singer is also known for her iconic looks, which she shows off while performing on stage.

Three years ago, Lambert opened up about her health and weight journey and how she enjoys working out with her husband. She candidly addressed her insecurities and spoke about finally being at a place in her life where she is comfortable in her own skin.

Far from touching on the topic of her body undergoing huge transformations, the magazine focused on Lambert’s ability to find self-acceptance with who she is. The star says that a significant element that helped boost her confidence is compliments and positive reinforcements from her fans. Of her self-esteem, Lambert added:

“I feel most sexy when I feel happy.”

Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 15, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Lambert’s fans have always supported the musician’s confident and fiery persona when it comes to her performances and what she wears. One such time was when the “Bluebird” talent kicked off her Las Vegas residency last year.

On the first night, Lambert dazzled fans in a blue mini-dress that was bejeweled all over and fitted with fringe along the arms. In addition to her electric performance, Lambert’s legs captured the attention of her fans.

Many people could not stop praising the artist’s lower limbs, noting how sublime and hot they looked. One fan gushed:


Although Miranda Lambert’s Legs Were Praised, Many Said Another Country Icon Has the Best Legs ‘In the Industry’
Although fans showered Lambert’s legs with praise, some believe that another country star has the best legs in show business. That country star is none other than fellow country musician Carrie Underwood, 40.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 03, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

Like Lambert, Underwood has also come a long way in her journey of self-acceptance. In a past interview, the “Jesus, Take the Wheel” singer spoke about her weight journey and working out obsessively.

Underwood explained that she used to work out avidly to try to reach a certain size that she thought she desired. However, with time and growth, she learned to work out to be healthy and keep up with her demanding life as a performer:

“…now I feel like I work out more to be strong and to have energy and longevity…It’s surprisingly physical being on stage—there’s a lot of cardio…”

This year, the talented singer performed on the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza and stunned fans with a mint green-colored dress that showed off her tan and toned legs. The fringed dress had silver rhinestones, which complimented her gold bedazzled boots.

To say Underwood’s fans swooned over her toned legs would be an accurate summation of the attention the star got when pictures of her performance surfaced. Concerning her legs, a fan said:

“Best 🦵🏻 in the industry!”

Other fans were so impressed with Underwood’s legs that one even expressed that she was inspired to work out by her. Another fan stated:

“The LEGS AWARD unquestionably goes to Carrie Underwood.”

Despite some expressing who they feel has the best legs, both Lambert and Underwood are confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Both talented musicians, who are superstars in their own right, have come a long way on their journeys of self-acceptance.