Kevin Bacon Celebrates His 65th Birthday with His Wife – They Are Happily Married on Their Farm Years after Losing ‘Millions’

Kevin Bacon and his beautiful wife, Kyra Sedgwick, have been married for three decades. The lovebirds met while filming the 1988 PBS movie “Lemon Sky.”

They walked down the aisle in September of that year and have been married for almost 35 years. Sedgwick dished on what has kept the couple’s marriage going for so long.

In a recent interview, the Golden Globe Award-winning actress shared that the secret of their enduring union has something to do with food. Sedgwick explained:

“Sometimes there’s sparks. Sometimes there’s just chicken. Sometimes it’s romantic and it’s like, ‘Oh my god.’ And sometimes it’s chicken.”

The “Loverboy” star was referring to “roast chicken,” adding, “It’s always good and reliable.” Sedgwick further stated the “secret to a long-lasting marriage is not to take advice from celebrities about the secret to a happy marriage.”

The “The Closer” star reflected on how she fell in love with Bacon and knew he was the right man for her. When they crossed paths, she was “fiercely independent.” However, when she met the Pennsylvania native, she felt a need to marry him.

Sedgwick said she could not describe the feeling, but it scared her because she was not used to depending on others. But something about Bacon made her let her guard down. She gushed:

“He was the one, you know? He was just the soul mate. He was just the one.”

Sedgwick recently helped her spouse celebrate his 65th birthday. Bacon marked the special occasion on his Instagram alongside a picture of him and what his beloved wife prepared for his birthday. He captioned the post:

“[…] My wife has made this a beautiful day. She has said recently our marriage is like roast chicken, so she made a perfect chicken for dinner followed by my favorite— buckwheat banana bread with chocolate icing. Perfect day.”

Bacon Lost ‘Millions’ but Not Love for His Wife – The Couple Enjoy Singing on Their Farm

Bacon and Sedgwick are not only successful in their marriage but in their careers, too. With this accomplishment, Sedgwick credits being each other’s support system. The New York native also revealed the key ingredient in their union:

“A sense of humor is crucial. He is very freaking funny.”

Sedgwick and Bacon’s relationship has been tested over the years. In 2009, they faced a financial challenge after realizing they had been scammed by the infamous New York financier Bernie Madoff in his $50 billion Ponzi scheme.

In a May 2017 interview, Bacon refused to disclose how much money they lost due to the scandal. However, media reports claim it was “millions.” Nonetheless, he candidly discussed the experience and said he and his spouse overcame the ordeal together.

“It was a bad day. But pretty quickly we were able to see all the things we had as opposed to whatever we lost,” said the Golden Globe Award winner.

Despite their problems, the Hollywood couple enjoys spending time together on their farm in Connecticut. Bacon recently posted a video of the duo singing. The clip showed him playing the guitar while Sedgwick played a kazoo in the background.

“Happy 4th! Beware of goat poop,” he wrote in his post. The happily married pair kissed at the end of the video and said, “Happy Fourth of July.”

Bacon gave a tour of the couple’s farm on “Good Morning America” in March 2021 and shared they own goats and alpacas. The property consists of several barns where the two care for their animals.

Bacon & Sedgwick Share Two Adult Children

Sedgwick and Bacon have a son and a daughter, Travis and Sosie. The pair welcomed their eldest child Travis in June 1989 and their youngest in March 1992.

The duo’s kids followed in their footsteps by pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. Travis is a musician, and his little sister Sosie is an actress.

In a May 2017 interview, Bacon, a Screen Actors Guild Award winner, proudly talked about fatherhood and revealed his children are self-reliant individuals.

He also discussed his and his Emmy Award-winning wife’s parenting style and shared they never tell their brood what to do, and that approach has solidified their bond with them.

The doting and proud father of two divulged what being a parent means to him, adding what he considers the most significant achievement in his life.

“The proudest accomplishment of my life is my children. Being a parent [means] bringing them up and trying to teach them and have them learn by example to be good, decent, compassionate, hardworking people,” said the family patriarch.