“From Aviation to Abode: Woman Transforms Boeing 727 into Luxurious Home”

In recent years, unconventional building materials like buses, small houses, and shipping containers have gained popularity as unique housing options. These alternatives offer comfort, affordability, and customization possibilities. However, long before these trends emerged, Jo Ann Ussery embarked on her extraordinary housing project.

After her home in Benoit, Mississippi was destroyed in 1993, Ussery, a widow with two children and limited finances, sought a solution. Initially considering a trailer, she found it insufficient for her family’s needs. That’s when her brother-in-law, an air traffic controller, suggested living in an airplane.

Intrigued by the idea, Ussery explored a decommissioned Boeing 727, available for just $2,000, including shipping. She affectionately named her new home “Little Trump,” inspired by Donald Trump’s private Boeing 727. With less than $30,000 invested in renovations, she embarked on an extensive transformation.

Positioning the plane over a lake on her property, Ussery commenced remodeling the 1,500-square-foot interior. She upgraded insulation, laid new flooring, and preserved the original airplane lavatory and overhead bins for efficient use of space. The plane’s 138-foot length and 76 windows provided ample room and natural light.

Ussery, working independently, completed major renovations before adding finer touches and comforts. The revamped interior boasted three bedrooms, a living area, kitchen, laundry room, oven, phone, and washer-dryer. Notably, she transformed the cockpit into a luxurious master bathroom with a soaking tub, offering a serene view over the lake.

Living in her converted jet from 1995 to 1999, Ussery eventually opened it to the public as a museum. Tragically, during transport, the aircraft fell off its carriage and was destroyed. However, Ussery’s remarkable project lives on through breathtaking snapshots, showcasing her ingenuity and dedication to creating a truly unique home.

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