Fitness Star Richard Simmons Reveals His Diagnosis

Richard Simmons is one of the world’s most respected fitness instructors. He is also an iconic motivator. He recently took to Facebook to reveal his diagnosis. This sparked curiosity and concern among fans worldwide. The post shared sheds light on Richard’s health journey.

Richard Simmons at the Grand Opening for "For The Stars Fashion House" on October 19, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Richard Simmons at the Grand Opening for “For The Stars Fashion House” on October 19, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

On March 18, 2024, Richard took to Facebook to write, “I have some news to tell you. Please don’t be sad. I am ….dying.” While his opening statement was scary, his message emphasized embracing each day fully. He acknowledged the reality of death. He urged readers to see that life ends.

The following day, Richard shared another post narrating his journey with skin cancer. It started with a bump under his eye and his attempt to treat it at home. However, when it persisted, he visited his dermatologist, who diagnosed him with cancer.

He was initially surprised. But, he joked with his doctor before seeking specialized care. The doctor had told him he had Basel Cell Carcinoma. He jokingly asked the doctor to stop calling him dirty names.

Upon visiting a cancer doctor from England, Dr Ralph A. Massey, Richard encountered a waiting room. It was full of people with different forms of skin cancer, highlighting the prevalence of the disease. The doctor explained the procedure to remove the cancer cells. It involved burning the affected area without numbing it. This caused Richard discomfort and even tears.

Despite the pain, Richard Simmons endured multiple sessions to remove all the cancer cells. After the third session, he hugged the doctor. The doctor told him they were not through and said, “We are not done yet I have to stitch your face up.”

It took 45 minutes for the doctor to finish stitching him up. Before he left, the doctor had to check almost all parts of his body. Although left with temporary marks on his face, Richard followed his doctor’s instructions. He did so diligently to minimize scarring.

Reflecting on his experience, Richard acknowledges the severity of cancer. He recounted instances of friends facing more severe forms like breast or stomach cancer. He noted, “My cancer was nothing compared to some people that I knew.”

Despite the challenges, he shared positive stories of survival and support. He emphasized the importance of regular check-ups and early detection in combating the disease.

After reading his first post, some fans commented, “I’m surprised they didn’t do a Mohs procedure to remove it. Best of luck to you,” “Thank you for sharing your story,” and “It can get even the sweetest, most healthy-living people. Good luck to you. Please stay as long as possible in this strange and wonderful world.”

In the comments section of his second post, some penned, “You’re so caring, Richard! You truly love people. People truly love you and I’m one of them ❤️,” and “This is so important, thank you for sharing your story. Everyone needs to be proactive in getting screenings and examinations.” Others shared their experiences as well.

In his previous post, he encouraged people to appreciate simple joys. These include enjoying the morning sky and savoring a nutritious breakfast. Richard emphasized the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This included regular exercise and balanced meals. He also stressed the importance of expressing love and affection to those we care about.

He advocated for meaningful connections and hugs. Lastly, Richard suggested listening to a song called “Live Like You Were Dying” by Tim McGraw. It serves as a reminder to live life fully and always pray. His message emphasizes cherishing each moment. It also stresses prioritizing physical and emotional health.

Richard reportedly stepped out of the public eye in 2014. He was said to have stopped teaching at his workout studio. Three years later, he was reportedly spotted returning home after spending time at the hospital.

According to the reports, he had suffered from indigestion and spent four days in Cedars Sinai hospital. In the pictures and video, he was under a blanket, and his long-term housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, accompanied him.

Teresa and his manager, Michael Catalano, refused to comment on Richard’s condition. Fifteen minutes after they left the hospital, they arrived at his Los Angeles gated mansion. However, Richard refused to leave the garage.

He spent another 40 minutes there because he did not want people to see him. It wasn’t until after his manager, several police cars and a police helicopter arrived that he went indoors. Teresa helped him out of the garage into the house while he still hid under the blanket.

Not long after leaving the hospital, he shared a picture of himself from 2014. He declared, “I hope to see you all soon.” He also assured his fans that he was not missing and was doing well. Richard also appreciated the concern fans had shown and their good wishes.

The following year, his friend revealed Richard was doing very well and was his jovial self. According to this friend, Richard spent most of his time at home and in his yard. He didn’t stop reading and did what he wanted to do.

The friend added that Richard was “always in touch with his family and close friends.” In 2023, Richard turned 75. His representative, Tom Estey, shared, “This is a big milestone. I just want to see him happy, which he is.”

Share Richard’s story on Facebook. Also, share the importance of regular health screenings with your friends and family. Please encourage them to prioritize their well-being and seek medical attention when needed.

Let’s honor Richard’s resilience and positivity. We can do this by taking proactive steps to improve our health. We can strive towards a healthier future for ourselves and our loved ones.