4 Young Siblings & Their Dad Found Dead in Their Home

Tyler King with his children | Tyler King’s children | Source: Facebook/tyler.king.5

In a tragic incident that has deeply affected the community of Jeannette, Pennsylvania, a devastating fire claimed the lives of a father and his four young children, leaving an indelible mark of sorrow.

The fire erupted around midnight on Wednesday, March 20, at the family’s home on Guy Street. Inside, a family of eight (two parents and their six children), battled the flames that swiftly consumed their residence.

The Westmoreland County coroner has identified the victims as 27-year-old Tyler King and his children: seven-year-old Kyson John, six-year-old Kinzleigh John, three-year-old Keagan John, and one-month-old Korbyn John.

In a frantic race against the raging inferno, firefighters were able to rescue the mother, Miranda John, alongside two of her children, ten-year-old Kayden John and one-year-old Kash John. Currently, Miranda is in stable condition, with her sons fighting for their lives in the ICU in critical condition.

The scene was one of utter despair, as Jeannette’s Fire Chief Bill Frye described the night as incredibly sorrowful for the city. Chief Bill disclosed that upon arrival, the fire brigade faced significant challenges, including issues with water supply from a nearby hydrant that hampered their rescue efforts.

“Due to some complications, we were unable to get to everybody due to the progression of the fire on arrival,” Bill lamented, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by the responders.

The intensity of the fire not only devastated the King family home but also caused damage to neighboring properties. A local resident, Jack Mull, vividly recounted his attempts to assist the family amidst the chaos.

“I came outside on the porch and the whole front of the house was on fire,” Jack told reporters. His efforts to enter the home were thwarted by the overwhelming flames and heat. “I screamed at my daughter to call 911 and ran over and tried to get in downstairs but it was just too hot and too many flames.”

Jack recalled being outside for a cigarette when he saw the home’s porch on fire. He witnessed a distressing scene as Miranda stood on the roof, screaming for her children. Jack, alongside firefighters and police officers, made a valiant effort to rescue the mother and her two children.

“The mother, she just didn’t want to give up,” Jack recounted, the desperation apparent in his voice as he described the horrific realization that some family members were still trapped inside. Jack’s narrative painted a picture of a loving family caught in an unimaginable nightmare, stirring deep emotions within the community. “It just makes you sick in the stomach,” he lamented.

As the city mourns the loss of young lives, the impact on first responders has been profound. Jeannette Mayor Curtis J. Antoniak and Chief Bill both spoke to the emotional toll such tragedies exact on those who serve.

“People don’t understand with these first responders, it’s not an 8-hour-a-day job. They go home, they bring it with them, they can’t turn it off,” Antoniak emphasized, acknowledging the lasting effects of witnessing such loss.

xxx | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

xxx | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

In the aftermath, Chief Bill and the Westmoreland County Coroner Tim Carson faced the painstaking task of combing through the debris, a process fraught with emotional challenges as reminders of the children were scattered among the ruins. “Emotions are definitely raw. You got kids’ toys and stuff thrown throughout the yard. It definitely takes its toll on you,” expressed Coroner Tim.

In the wake of the disaster, investigations led by the state police fire marshal and Jeannette fire personnel are underway to determine the cause, while the presence of working smoke detectors in the home remains uncertain. The Red Cross is providing assistance to those affected as the community begins the difficult journey towards healing.

Tyler King and Miranda John, as seen in a Facebook post dated March 21, 2024 | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

Tyler King and Miranda John, as seen in a Facebook post dated March 21, 2024 | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

Family members are seeking solace and strength in their memories of the five who perished in the blaze. Miranda’s cousin, Natasha Reaggle, offered a poignant remembrance of each victim, painting a picture of a family bound by love and shared joy.

“A mother lost four of her beloved children and the love of her life,” Natasha shared, highlighting the deep bond between Miranda and her fiancé Tyler, a couple who shared “a love that most dream of” over the last 12 years. Tyler, remembered as an “amazing, kind-hearted person,” was known for his ever-present smile and gentle spirit.

A photo of Tyler King, as seen in a Facebook post dated March 21, 2024 | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

A photo of Tyler King, as seen in a Facebook post dated March 21, 2024 | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

Natasha fondly recalled the unique qualities of each child: Kinzleigh, with her “spunky spirit,” mirrored her mother’s vitality and loved cheerleading; Kyson, though “a child of few words,” communicated deeply through his artistic talents and love for drawing; Keagan, a “spitfire” and “daddy’s boy,” adored dinosaurs and playful bouts with his cousin, Laya; and Korbyn, though only with the family for a short month, was seen as the final piece that completed their loving circle.

Flowers and balloons placed at the memorial site for the King Family, as seen in a Facebook post dated March 21, 2024 | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

Flowers and balloons placed at the memorial site for the King Family, as seen in a Facebook post dated March 21, 2024 | Source: Facebook/JenniferBorrasso

The family’s plea for prayers and unity speaks to their enduring strength and the supportive embrace of their community. “We’re all just trying to rally around each other,” Natasha said, reflecting on the collective effort to support both the survivors and honor those lost. “We’re just praying for both the ones that we lost and the ones that are still here. Just trying to stick together through this.”

Further tributes came from Tyler’s mother, Delena Lewis, and his grandmother, Shawnee Riggar. Delena described her son as a dedicated family man whose life was transformed by the joy and responsibility of fatherhood.

“My son was a very hard worker, and he changed his life whenever he had his kids,” she stated, recalling the love her grandchildren had for playing outdoors and being close to their parents.

Shawnee shared memories of Tyler’s devotion to his family, especially his children. “We loved him,” she said. “He was always talking about the children. He loved them.” According to Shawnee, her late grandson was also known for spending significant time with his twin brother’s family, further highlighting the close-knit bonds that defined his life.

In the aftermath of the heartbreaking incident, the local community and the Jeannette City School District have come together in mourning and support. The district, acknowledging the “heartbreaking loss” of several of its members, has taken steps to assist students and staff during this difficult time.

Superintendent Matthew Jones expressed the community’s profound sorrow in a letter to families, stating, “It is with profound sadness and a heavy heart that I send this message in the aftermath of the tragic fire that has deeply affected our city.”

He assured the community of the school district’s unwavering support and condolences to the families and friends of the victims. In response to the tragedy, the district has arranged for counselors and social workers to aid those grappling with grief, emphasizing the community’s resilience and solidarity.

Furthermore, a community prayer was held on Wednesday at City Hall, symbolizing the collective mourning and support for the survivors. The Jeannette community has also mobilized to assist the surviving family members, with information on how to help being widely disseminated.

Clothing and monetary donations are being accepted at various locations, including Cecilia’s Main Street Tattoo Gallery in Ligonier for clothing and the Elliott Community Federal Credit Union in Jeannette for monetary contributions. The Jeannette Midget Athletic Association Fieldhouse will be collecting donations, with details provided for those unable to attend but still wishing to contribute.

Specific needs for the surviving family members have been shared, including clothing sizes for Miranda and the two boys who survived the ordeal, highlighting the community’s intent to provide targeted assistance during their time of need.

Dan Cooper, president of the Jeannette Midget Athletic Association, captured the community’s sentiment by stating, “You just feel hurt. You feel their pain and you do your best to try to keep it positive for them.”