‘Dreamy Kids’: Patrick Dempsey Shows off His Twin Sons on Their 17th Birthday

Patrick Dempsey proudly displayed his twin sons in a heartwarming birthday post celebrating their 17th year. Fans showered compliments on the Hollywood star’s “adorable” kids, describing them as “dreamy.”

On Instagram yesterday, Patrick Dempsey shared a birthday tribute to his twin sons, Darby and Sullivan Dempsey. As the boys turned 17, their affectionate father posted a charming throwback photo of them sitting on a couch together.

While Patrick smiled directly at the camera, Darby and Sullivan fixed their gaze on something outside the frame. The endearing picture prompted numerous praises for Patrick’s sons in the comments section.

One fan expressed admiration for Patrick’s “fine young men,” stating, “They are so cute.” Another commented, “McDreamy with his dreamy kids,” and an Instagram user noted, “Fine like the father.” Wishing the twins a happy birthday, one person wrote, “Happy birthday to your beautiful boys!” Jillian Dempsey, the loving mom of Sullivan and Darby, added, “Our little man cubs.”

Born in February 2007, Patrick and Jillian’s twins entered the world with the actor assisting in cutting their umbilical cords. Patrick humorously referenced his experience on “Grey’s Anatomy,” stating, “I was watching everything that was going on (with the doctors), and you see a lot of that in the show.”

Aside from their mini McDreamies, Patrick and Jillian also take pride in their daughter, Talula Dempsey, who, as her dad previously mentioned, dutifully “takes care of her brothers” as an older sister.

Patrick and Jillian Dempsey with their kids, Talula, Darby, and Sullivan Dempsey at the Scuderia AlphaTauri launch event in Salzburg, Austria on February 14, 2020 | Source: Getty Images

Patrick and Jillian Dempsey posing for a picture at the "Ferrari" movie premiere posted on December 5, 2023 | Source: Instagram/jilliandempsey

In 2018, the devoted family man, crowned People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” shared his awe at his kids’ “insights and observations.” Specifically, he revealed that Darby harbors a “passionate” love for soccer, while “Sullivan aspires to be an actor.”

Patrick Dempsey emphasized the significance of carving out quality time for his family and expressing his joy when they all come together.

As reported earlier on December 15, 2023:

Patrick and Jillian Dempsey at the premiere of "Ferrari" in Los Angeles, California on December 12, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

Patrick Dempsey’s uncommon public appearance with his family sparked excitement among fans, especially focusing on one of the twins. Patrick, along with his wife Jillian Dempsey and their three children – Talula, Sullivan, and 17-year-old Darby Dempsey – made a stylish entrance at the red-carpet premiere of the movie “Ferrari.”

While the entire family exuded beauty and charm, the spotlight shone on one of Patrick’s twin sons. Darby, now 17, captured public attention, with fans gushing and swooning over his appearance, noting a remarkable resemblance to his strikingly handsome father.

Patrick and Jillian Dempsey with their kids, Talula, Darby and Sullivan Dempsey posing for a picture posted on December 15, 2023 | Source: Instagram/enews

Upon seeing the snapshot of the handsome teenager, many were astounded by the striking resemblance between him and Patrick. A fan remarked, “OMG! His son, the one on the right side of the photo, is his clone! 😳😳.”

Another admirer drew parallels between Darby and the charming character portrayed by his father in the popular series “Grey’s Anatomy,” labeling him as “the next McDreamy.”

Patrick Dempsey posing as Dr. McDreamy from

Receiving accolades for their attractive appearance appears to be a family trait, considering Darby’s paternal doppelgänger was honored with the title of People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” Despite being featured in the magazine for years, the 58-year-old had previously only secured the position of a runner-up in this renowned pop culture outlet.

Patrick Dempsey posing for People magazine's

Upon securing the title, he playfully commented on his ego getting a boost and discussed his intention to leverage the platform for promoting positivity. Initially laughing in disbelief at his victory, Patrick shared his sentiments about the title, expressing, “I’m glad it’s happening at this stage in my life. It’s nice to receive the recognition.”

When questioned about his kids’ potential reactions, the star anticipated that they would likely mock him in good spirits, playfully teasing him about why he supposedly shouldn’t have won.