Demi Moore shared a new photo with seriously ill Bruce Willis, who stopped recognizing her.

Recently, the news about Bruce Willis’s health has not been encouraging at all: the condition of the Hollywood veteran, who suffers from dementia, is noticeably deteriorating. So, a few months ago, “Die Hard” stopped recognizing_his ex-wife_Demi_Moore, with whom he had been_married_for_13_years and was friends even after the divorce. But the actress steadfastly accepts these changes and even supports other “comrades in misfortune”: she recently shared a life hack that helps her enjoy every moment with her daughters’ terminally ill father.

Now all family members are trying to be with the actor as often as possible. So yesterday the family gathered in honor of the 30th anniversary of Bruce_and_Demi’s_youngest_daughter. The actress shared footage from a fun_celebration in a restaurant and a new_joint_photo with her ex-husband and birthday girl with the caption “Let’s shower our_Tallulah_with love.”

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