Banderas’s only daughter has grown up! This is what Banderas’s heiress who has become a model looks like

Banderas’s little daughter is already 26 and works as a model

The couple of A. Banderas and M. Griffith was considered one of the most talked-about and influential ones. Despite their big age difference, their love for each other was limitless and the man became a caring and devoted father as well.

The admirable spouses welcomed a daughter and named her Stella whom Banderas loved endlessly devoting his whole life to the girl.

The legendary man never ceased to openly support and encourage her in whatever she was interested in. They were like best friends, rather then a father and a daughter.

Stella decided to become a model instead of following in the career footsteps of her parents. Stella wanted to achieve success entirely on her own without being under the umbrella of her parents.

One may say that she inherited the best features of her parents and has grown up into an angelic beauty. She is already 26 and is an in-demand and desirable model.