An unusual grandmother with 43 centimeter biceps

Can’t believe this strong woman is a grandmother of 3 children !!! She breaks stereotypes !!! She is not a standard grnadmother.  You will be shocked to know how she spends time with her grandchildren 

Robin Hills breaks the stereotype of a typical grandmother who spends her days baking pies and knitting. Instead, at 48 years old, she is a professional bodybuilder, mother of two adult daughters, and grandmother of three. Robin’s dedication to fitness began in 1989 when she started going to the gym to maintain her physical well-being. What started as a hobby soon became her lifelong passion.

Despite juggling family responsibilities, Robin has managed to excel in bodybuilding competitions, earning numerous victories and prestigious awards. Her commitment to fitness also helped her quickly regain her shape after childbirth, motivating her to stay energetic and active.

Robin’s family serves as her greatest support system, cheering her on at every competition. In 2014, she received certification from the International Federation of Bodybuilding, paving the way for her to compete in professional leagues internationally.

In addition to her athletic pursuits, Robin works in a correctional facility, where she teaches fascial stretch therapy and strength training to inmates. Although she initially feared judgment from others regarding her muscular physique and hobbies, Robin has overcome her insecurities and proudly shares her journey on social media. Her followers admire her strength, determination, and resilience, viewing her as a role model for defying societal norms and pursuing her passions unapologetically.

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