A Parisian corner in Sweden. The woman showed her tiny apartment and now everyone dreams of living there

Before entering this house no one had an idea how amazing it was! 😮🫣 One housewife from Sweden showed her 19-square-meter apartment and left everyone speechless! 🤭🤐

Today’s woman calls her tiny house «her own Parisian corner». Believe it or not, it is no bigger than 19 square meters and has been designed in a Parisian style conveying a special atmosphere in it. Have a look at it and share your opinion!

It is located in a five-storey building and has a balcony with an amazing look. For many, it is nothing but a dream to live here.

There are only 22 apartments. Apart from its tininess, each and every flat here looks stylish and has everything needed for life.

The walls are painted in milky colors which creates a comfortable atmosphere inside. Many people flatly refuse to even look what is in the inside since it is really small, but the moment they enter, everything changes.

Each and every detail of the interior is designed and chosen carefully. There are also paintings on the walls one of which depicts the map of Paris leading us to think that the owner is madly in love with it, the city of love.

There is also a balcony in each apartment where one can have a look at the wonderful view, interact with the neighbors and simply relax.

It is nothing but a dream to spend time here with a glass of hot tea or a book to read.

There is also a separate place for family gatherings where one can make barbeque and have deep talks.


It is always sunny and comfortable here. What concerns the bathroom, it is really small but has all the facilities. At the same time, it looks quite cute.

There is also a special place for storing all the clothes.


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