A 60s’ cinema bombshell is unrecognizable! This is what time has done to beautiful Claudia Cardinale

Even Delon and Belmondo were in love with this actress, but look at her now! 😳😬Claudia Cardinale horrified the fans with her look! 😱🫣 See how age has changed the iconic diva in this article! 👇👇👇

However unbelievable it may be, our favorite Claudia Cardinale has already turned 85. One of the cinema legends has even scared some of her loyal fans and supporters by her changed appearance which, as they claim, leaves a lot to be desired.

A number of famous men including Belmondo and Delon were crazy in love with her and most people still remembered her as an unearthly beautiful youthful star having no idea that age and years changed her beyond recognition.

The iconic actress, who decided to age naturally with no plastic surgeries and beauty procedures, caused a furor on social media. Her latest photos immediately caught the attention of netizens.

«How can we unsee this?», «Leaving a lot to be desired!», «How was it even possible to change like this?», «Time spares no one!», «Sorry but she looks like a villain or the most evil character of a movie».

«And she was Delon’s muse back then?», «This doesn’t deny the fact that she is a talented and outstanding actress», «The cinema hasn’t ever known a more accomplished and desirable actress».