What Judge Judy said on live television about the situation following her mini-stroke

A sudden turn of events caught Judy Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, off guard during one of her live presentations despite her extensive exposure to illuminating court cases.

Judge Judy, who appears on television, experienced an unexpected episode in 2011 while interacting with her live audience. Geller currently works as the show’s executive producer.

While reminiscing about the unpleasant incident, Judy described the incident and expressed her belief that she had experienced a transient ischemic attack (TIA) during a live television broadcast.

Devoted viewers who had followed my journey for 15 years had noticed something was off, according to Judy.
They acted quickly and alerted the EMS without asking for confirmation, which was a wise move because I would have probably discouraged them from getting involved.
The 79-year-old performer is said to have fallen into a state of “slowed-down inquiry,” prompting the show’s producers to call 911 right away.

Judy insisted that she was in good health despite her doctors’ worries about it and the possibility of having a mini-stroke. Although it’s possible that I had a transient ischemia stroke, thankfully the symptoms went away quickly, she insisted. “.

Judy is still healthy and hasn’t experienced any new attacks, so her admirers can breathe a sigh of relief. Her new show has also been launched, which is notable.

She was persistent in her attitude when the idea of leaving her television job was raised: “My energy remains unwavering. Tennis and golf aren’t my favorite sports.

Mahjong, checkers, and chess are games whose intricacies I do not wish to learn. She replied, “I’m aware of my preferences.

“Why would I try to learn something completely new at this point when I already know what makes me happy?”.

After 45 years of marriage, Judy and Jerry Sheindlin are preparing to mark yet another anniversary. Away from the spotlight, Judy’s private life shines brightly, adding to her happiness.

A brief period of separation marked the start of their 45-year union, which was followed by a reconciliation that has kept them happily married ever since.