This is how Sophia Loren looks today: everyone still turns their heads when they see her.

Celebrated and one of the most renowned Italian actresses, Sophia Loren, is still considered a graceful and elegant woman today, even though she rarely appears in public. Her fans are delighted every time they get the chance to see her.

She gained immense popularity in her youth when she was recognized as one of the most beautiful women of all time.

People still turn heads when they see her. Recently, she opened her own restaurant, and now foreign paparazzi caught her leaving a hotel. Sophia is 88 years old today and still looks phenomenal.

As always, Sophia was elegant, cheerful, and well-groomed, although she has difficulty moving. Many have enthusiastically commented on the video of the famous diva circulating on social media. Despite being in her ninth decade of life, she has not allowed her spirits to wane or neglected herself and still captivates with her charisma.