Mom could hardly wait to give birth – When the TWINS were born, she was informed that one of them was dying!

We witness miracles taking place every now and then and we can’t help but wonder if it is our faith in God that leads to them, or they simply happen for no apparent reason.

A mother of twins was over the moon when her bundles of joy were welcomed into the world. Her entire life was about to change as she now had two precious jewels to raise and take care of.

Sadly, shortly after the delivery, doctors informed her that one of her babies didn’t develop as expected and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus among the rest, a condition characterized by excess fluid build-up in fluid-containing cavities of the brain, which results in developmental, physical, and intellectual impairments, and sometimes leads to death.

The prognosis was dull, despite doctors’ assurance that they would do all in their power to help save the baby.

Eventually, this mom was told to gather strength and say that one final goodbye to her child. She knew she didn’t have much time but as much as she wanted to be by the baby’s side, she believed it was more important for the little ones to spend some time together, so she asked from the doctors to place her babies in the same incubator.

It didn’t take long before the second baby started getting better. Could it be the bond with the sibling that helped him recover? This was something doctors didn’t have an answer to. What they knew was that the baby’s condition improved rapidly, and he was released from the hospital after over a week.

As per reports, this miracle took place some three years ago, and although the baby, who’s now a toddler, experiences certain health issues, he’s leading quite a normal and a fulfilled life.

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