Looks like a skeleton in clothes!: Dion’s photoshoot in a golden bodysuit raised questions

The fans asked Dion to eat more when they saw the singer’s half-naked body 😱🧐

The appearance of this 54-year-old singer has long been the subject of discussions. After her recent photoshoot, the followers of the popular performer asked her to eat more and gain some weight.

It is visible to the naked eye that the woman lost many kilos. She seems unbothered and proud of her slender body, while people rushed to compare her with a skeleton.

Her recent public appearance became left no single one indifferent. She looked exhausted. Her unhealthily thin arms and legs made the fans worry about their favorite singer.

«Please eat!», «How long did we sleep?», «Skin and bones again. What led her to lose so much weight?», «I want to feed her!», «Like a skeleton!».

«You won’t see anything more terrible than this today!», «She doesn’t look healthy!».