Kelly Rowland reveals how they filmed Mea Culpa’s wild paint sex scene

Kelly Rowland and Mea Culpa co-stars reveal paint was cold in viral scene

Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes’ paint scene in Mea Culpa is breaking the internet.

Everyone is losing it over the paint scene in Mea Culpa and now Kelly Rowland has opened up about filming the viral scene.

Last week (Feb 23), Mea Culpa debuted on Netflix and immediately became a streaming hit. The movie stars Kelly Rowland as a lawyer named Mea and Trevante Rhodes as an artist named Zyair. Mea is tasked with defending Zyair after he’s been accused of killing his girlfriend. However, sparks fly between them and it isn’t long before things get complicated.

Mea Culpa has many shocking moments but it’s Mea and Zyair’s explicit paint sex scene that’s truly breaking the internet.

Kelly Rowland reveals how her husband reacted to Mea Culpa's wild paint sex scene
Kelly Rowland reveals how her husband reacted to Mea Culpa’s wild paint sex scene.

In the scene, Mea walks in on Zyair having sex with his neighbour. The neighbour leaves and Zyair then begins passionately kissing Mea butt naked. Mea asks him to stop but Zyair then takes her to his studio on his motorbike and the characters then start painting each other’s bodies and having very naked, very explicit sex together all while covered in paint.

The scene has inspired a wide variety of reactions online. Some people are turned on by it, others are concerned about the implications of paint during sex and then there are those who just don’t know what to think.

A person tweeted: “Yo, the paint sex scene in Mea Culpa was so beautiful and sexy. Best part of the whole movie. 10/10.”

Another wrote: “That scene with all that paint, all I was thinking was the yeast infection.”

Someone also asked: “I’m sorry but I’m very confused about the location change!?!”

One person who wasn’t phased by the sex scene was Kelly Rowland’s husband. Explaining how she prepared for the scene on Sherri, Kelly said: “There was an intimacy coach there before the whole scene started, days before we did it. So they just talked to us about what we felt comfortable with, what we didn’t feel comfortable with. It’s very specific.”

She then added: “I remember calling my husband before it started. I said, ‘Honey, it’s going down. It’s gonna happen today.’ And he was like, ‘Ok, I’m cool’. My husband is the most secure human being. He is such a G, so he actually made me feel comfortable. He said, ‘If you’re gonna do it, you gotta do it.'”

Kelly ended by saying: “And I think it’s done in a really beautiful way. It’s very tasteful, it’s really passionate, it’s dope.”

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