Joan Collins, 90, Radiates Elegance in Gorgeous Swimwear Snapshot

Joan Collins, nearing her 90s, remains a living legend, showcasing body confidence and enjoying life in her own glamorous way. While her most flashy days may be behind her, she continues to exude grace, poise, and self-discipline, setting an example for newer stars.

Best known for her iconic role as Alexis Carrington Colby in the soap drama Dynasty, Joan Collins became a global icon, earning massive popularity as the first powerful woman on television. Despite facing criticism for her strong and cunning character, she defended herself as a strong, independent woman.

Almost 70 years after her debut on-screen, Collins still actively works in the entertainment industry. In 2022, she appeared in Tomorrow Morning and The Gentle Sex, with another film, In Bed with the Duchess, currently in production. The actress also maintains a strong presence on social media.

During the holiday season, Collins, along with her 57-year-old husband Percy Gibson, shared a sizzling picture, capturing attention with her chic leopard print swimwear. Despite her age, she radiated delight and received numerous compliments.

Collins, having been married five times, openly acknowledges some regrets about her past marriages. However, she cherishes the close bond with Percy, emphasizing the strength of their relationship during the pandemic lockdown.

Joan Collins continues to be a legendary icon, and her age-defying elegance remains a topic of admiration. Whether for her acting or personal life, she remains a captivating figure worth celebrating.