«Icons age too!» Nicole Kidman breaks new ground for naturalness and storms the network with her new image

Kidman abandons dyeing her hair and leaves everyone speechless! 🧐😯 The actress makes rare appearance with completely grayed hair! 🤐🤯See the scandalous footage in this article! 👇👇👇

Her bold decision to stop dyeing her hair and embrace natural ageing has highly been praised by the majority. To say that she left everyone speechless with her radical transformation is nothing to say. This resulted in mixed reactions.

Most network users couldn’t stay indifferent and not to comment on the outstanding actress’s radical makeover. Some started to praise her claiming that her decision definitely took courage, while the others strongly disliked her new look.

Many strongly held the opinion that she started to look 10 years older and questioned whether she made the right decision or not. All in all, no one remained indifferent. Her entirely new image escaped no one’s special attention.

«What led such a stunning woman to change like this?», «Not the best decision, for sure!», «I can now see how she will appear as a granny!», «How bold of you!».