Drake speaks out after extremely x-rated video allegedly of the rapper goes viral

Drake has addressed the x-rated video allegedly of him which led his name trending on social media.

If you were on your phone earlier this week and happened to look at the trending news on X – formerly known as Twitter – you may’ve seen Drake’s name and been excited at the prospect of new music dropping.

But your eyes would’ve got a whole lot more than they bargained for if you clicked on the tag.

The ‘One Dance’ musician began trending on the social media platform on Monday (5 February) night after an explicit video went viral claiming the 37-year-old had played a starring role.

Shared by an unknown source, the video depicts a man lying on a bed, filming themselves in a mirror doing… Well, let’s just say their bottom half is exposed.

And it was a particularly big surprise for Drake’s fans, one noting: “How do I unsee it.”

Rather thank simply taking to social media to panic, Kick streamer Adin Ross decided to voice note Drake himself to try and get confirmation of whether or not the video is actually of the rapper and his ‘missile’.

According to the content creator, Drake ‘texted’ him back and ‘put like eight laughing emojis,’ also suggesting he’d use the voice note in his ‘next album intro’.

But what’s the rapper said now?

Drake has spoken out about the viral video. Credit: Getty Images/ Prince Williams/Wireimage
Drake has spoken out about the viral video. Credit: Getty Images/ Prince Williams/Wireimage

Well, when his – and J. Cole and Lil Durk’s – It’s All A Blur Tour – Big As the What tour took them to Nashville, Drake decided to address the allegations while performing at Bridgestone Arena.

First, the show saw some of ESPN’s pre-recorded sports commentary by Stephen A Smith and musician BenDaDonnn included – with the stadium set up like a football stadium.

In the recording, Ben joked about the viral video, as quoted by The Tennessean, saying: “Correct me if I’m wrong, Stephen A, but didn’t [Drake] start an OnlyFans yesterday?”

Ben continued: “On Twitter, he was trending… anyway… whatever he do tonight he’s gonna have to step up his game. ‘Cause if he don’t, and if he take this L tonight, it’s gonna be detrimental for light skin brothers across the globe.”

And Drake then addressed speculation later on in the show.

The musician said: “I know y’all probably waitin’ on me to address this, so the rumors are true.”

However, he added: “My dad is here! That’s what y’all were waitin’ for?”

So, unfortunately for any obsessive Drake fans, there’s not really a much clearer answer on the situation.

UNILAD has contacted Drake’s representatives for further comment.