Donny Osmond Kisses Susan Boyle After Duet in Glasgow – And Fans Can’t Get Enough

Donny Osmond and Susan Boyle are incredible performers with millions of fans worldwide. They are both icons in their own right, but watching them share a stage together does feel like a dream.

Luckily for us, we got to witness that dream become a reality once again when Donny invited Susan to join him in Glasgow and sing a duet with him. This wasn’t the first time that these two created magic when their voices blended on stage.

Donny has been Susan’s idol since she was a young girl. When she reached for the stars and became a well known name in the world of music, Susan got to perform with her idol in 2013 in Vegas.

“It was my first time in Vegas and it was great fun, especially since I got to perform with Donny Osmond. If someone told me years ago I’d be performing on stage with him, I’d have laughed at them. He’s been my idol since I was 13, so I feel like I’ve grown up with him in a way. It’s all been a bit mind-blowing,” Susan told the Daily Mail.

NEW YORK, NY – DECEMBER 03: Singer Susan Boyle leaves the “Today Show” taping at the NBC Rockefeller Center Studios on December 3, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)

Susan’s fans refer to themselves as to the Red Scarf Brigade in honor of her trademark red scarf.

“Some people think they’re a bit mad, but they’re not. They’re very kind to me and they made me a blanket with Donny’s face on which I still have on my bed because it keeps me warm. This time they made a blanket with my face on it and gave it to him,” the singer said.

“I think people relate to me in some way,” she added. “Maybe they think, ‘If she can do it in her late stage in life, maybe I can too.’”

Well, Susan may have an army of fans, but when it comes to Donny Osmond, he and his siblings even caused a movement dubbed Osmondmania.

This term was written all over newspapers following an incident during which 18 girls were slightly injured and four were treated for their injuries at the hospital.

George Stroud/Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Namely, the day The Osmonds arrived at Heathrow on 21 October 1973 ended up being a serious incident that could’ve had some pretty dire consequences.

When their plane landed, more than 10,000 fans packed the roof garden at the Queen’s Building at Heathrow Airport, but as too many people were let onto the viewing site, a part of the balcony railing and wall collapsed. It was a miracles that the number of injured people was that low.

“The worst problem was hysteria,” a helper at the Queen’s Building medical center, where first aid was provided, said at the time. “It was difficult at first to distinguish between girls who had been hurt and girls who were screaming and weeping from fright or from disappointment at missing a sight of the group.”

Donny Osmond, The Osmonds, portrait, London, 1973. (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

Donny and his siblings weren’t even aware of what had happened util they arrived at the hotel.

“It was pretty cool, the screaming and the adulation, but I remember a moment right after the Heathrow experience where the balcony collapsed and we were banned from the airports,” Donny Osmond remembered in an interview with the Standard.

“I was in the hotel room with my brother Alan and we turn the television on that night and there was this programme with three people on – the presenter, a person from Scotland Yard and a child psychiatrist and they were debating whether or not Donny Osmond should be deported from England because of what he’s doing to all of our young kids. My brother turned to me and said, ‘You remember this moment because this never happens’. It was such a cool moment.”

Source: Instagram/DonnyOsmond

Donny once recalled another incident involving a group of fans. Namely, he and his siblings were chased after by some girls into an underground car park of the hotel and the security had to use a firehose to keep them out.

“I had the time of my life!” Donny recalled. “Hundreds and hundreds of fans were able to get into the parking structure, and [because] I had long hair at the time, they were just surrounding us. Our security guard, he saw me, and because of my long hair, he thought I was one of the fans so he threw me back into the fans and realised what he had done, but he couldn’t get to me because of all the fans. So I got on the floor, and I was sneaking to the entrance of the hotel, and one of the other security guards thought I was a fan and grabbed me and threw me back into the fans. It was awesome!”

Recently, Donny performed in Glasgow. To the delight of the crowd, he asked a familiar name to join him on stage, Susan Boyle.

The two performed a version of This Is the Moment, which they recorded together in 2012.

Facebook/Catherine Chisholm

A video of their performance, shared by Catherine Chisholm, shows Donny holding Susan’s hand, smiling, before giving her a big hug. He then thanks her and lands a kiss on her forehead.

“That was a treat – thank you, Susan. I love that woman,” he could be heard saying.

Facebook/Catherine Chisholm

Donny himself posted a photo of him and Susan with the caption, “In Glasgow, Scotland and low and behold, guess who showed up to my concert? My dear friend, Susan Boyle! She was waiting in one of the dressing rooms backstage to go out to the audience and I heard this angel voice in the hallway. I walked up to the door and…”

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