Doctors Wanted To Put Girl With Down Syndrome In An Institution, Look At Her Now As A Top Model

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in February 2020.

Kennedy Garcia, a remarkable 15-year-old born with Down syndrome, has defied the predictions of doctors and is flourishing in ways no one anticipated. Her inspiring journey includes a vibrant modeling career and a heartwarming love story. Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kennedy’s early prognosis was grim, with doctors forecasting a life with limited quality, even suggesting she might wear diapers into adulthood.

However, Kennedy’s mother, Renee, was determined to prove those expectations wrong. Today, Kennedy stands as a testament to her resilience. Not only is she signed with a talent agency, but she also auditions in New York and Hollywood, and has secured modeling gigs with renowned brands like American Girl, Justice Clothing, and Disney.

Doctors initially offered a bleak outlook upon Kennedy’s birth, urging Renee to consider adoption or institutionalization. These dismissive attitudes spurred Renee to challenge conventional thinking. One day, a chance encounter with a midwife who shared her own experiences raising a daughter with Down syndrome ignited a spark of hope in Renee’s heart.

Kennedy’s journey hasn’t been without hurdles. She battled leukemia and underwent risky surgery to correct a spinal condition that could have left her paralyzed. Undeterred by challenges, Kennedy emerged victorious, recovering her strength and even pursuing her passion for dance. She embraced modeling and acting, signing with KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management agency. Her auditions in major cities and appearances in commercials and TV shows, including “This is Us,” are a testament to her determination.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kennedy enjoys a fulfilling personal life. Close to her siblings and surrounded by a supportive group of friends, Kennedy radiates joy. She also shares a heartwarming love story with Matthew, whom she met at an audition when she was 12. Despite both having genetic conditions, their connection blossomed into a heartwarming relationship.

Kennedy’s presence on social media platforms showcases her typical teenage interests—texting friends, making TikTok videos, and discussing life’s topics, including boys. She also visits schools to raise awareness about Down syndrome, advocating for inclusive friendships and understanding.

Renee’s ultimate wish for her daughter is to live a fulfilled life, regardless of the path she chooses. Kennedy’s inspiring journey highlights the progress society has made in embracing diversity and offers hope for the future.