Delta Airlines staff ‘threatened to kick woman off plane for not wearing a bra’

A Delta Airlines customer has hit out at the airline for allegedly ‘discriminating’ against her.

Last month, self-employed DJ Lisa Archbold was travelling from Salt Lake City to San Fransisco after attending Utah’s Sundance Film Festival.

But, just as her flight was about the depart, Lisa was reprimanded for her ‘offensive attire’.

A member of staff called the DJ to the front of the aircraft and reportedly accused her of wearing a ‘revealing’ outfit.

The New Zealand expat was wearing a baggy white t-shirt and trousers, but wasn’t wearing a bra.

The female crew member proceeded to only let Lisa stay on the flight on the basis that she wore a jacket, which she’d taken off in the airport due to Salt Lake City being ‘unreasonably warm’ that day.

“Keep in mind this flight was an hour and a half long so I was not going to be out of my seat again,” she fumed to Yahoo News Australia.

“So whatever offence she was pretending was happening from my nipples, she had just created that offence again, so it wasn’t logical – it was humiliation.”

Lisa was wearing a t-shirt and trousers at the time of the ordeal. Credits: Lisa Archbold
Lisa was wearing a t-shirt and trousers at the time of the ordeal. Credits: Lisa Archbold

Upon exiting the aircraft in San Francisco, Lisa made it clear how she felt about the situation.

Speaking to a male member of staff, she said she felt it was ‘discrimination’, but the guy simply replied that it was Delta Airlines’ policy that women ‘must cover up’.

“It’s pretty gross,” Lisa added to the online publication.

Lisa, who identifies as queer, believes she was singled out because she ‘looked like a girl who didn’t care about being dressed like one’.

Delta Airlines has since reached out Lisa to apologize, but ‘stopped short of admitting any wrongdoing’.

“I don’t need miles or an apology, I need Delta to be interested in the safety of their passengers,” Lisa said.

“The dress code is extremely subjective. Subjective policies are easy vessels of abuse. They are easy to shift. Let’s make everyone more safe.”

UNILAD has contacted Delta Airlines for comment.

She labelled Delta Airlines' dress policy as 'gross'. Credits: Instagram/@djette_kiwi
She labelled Delta Airlines’ dress policy as ‘gross’. Credits: Instagram/@djette_kiwi

Another woman experienced a similar situation in September on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Maggi Thorne wore a tank top, high-waisted pants and a black cap for the journey and claims she was ‘shamed’ by staff for her outfit.

Like Lisa, Maggi was asked to cover up because her ‘attire wasn’t appropriate’.

Southwest Airlines went on to issue an apology for Maggi and filed a complaint on her behalf.