“Da Doo Ron Ron” singer Shaun Cassidy had no minute alone during his outings as female fans admired him everywhere he went.

Shaun Cassidy was a popular teen idol who stole the hearts of thousands of girls at the prime of his career.

Cassidy was rarely alone for years because of this attention, prompting him to pretend to be with someone’s sister to ward off his fans whenever he went out.

In real life, three women won the heart of the sexy teen idol – and they’re all drop-dead gorgeous.

Shaun Cassidy first shot to fame on “Hardy Boys,” but he’s no stranger to the entertainment industry. After all, his parents are Jack Cassidy and the famous actress Shirley Jones.

Even his siblings were in the industry, particularly his older half-brother David and his two younger siblings, Patrick and Ryan. Eventually, after “Hardy Boys,” Cassidy pursued a career in music.

Shaun Cassidy appearing in the ABC tv special "The Magic of ABC" circa 1977 | Source: Getty Images

It didn’t take long for him to shoot to fame as a teen idol. He had several platinum and gold records and often took his talents on the road while sweeping his female fans off their feet.

Being so famous took a toll on Cassidy, who felt he couldn’t do anything normally anymore. His fans were stalking his two-bedroom home in Beverly Glen, and he felt the need to move to a house with a fenced yard.

Due to this unwelcome lifestyle, he fell into depression. And while he made a choice to snap out of it, his mom got him a companion, a golden Labrador he named “Son.”

Cassidy lived with the constant fear that people would take Son away from him. He refused photograph requests with the pet for fear of it being dognapped.

The teen idol was never alone throughout his teenage and early adult years. He had to be escorted by his friends to local discos and restaurants and sometimes even needed police escorts to keep his obsessive female fans away. Even the press couldn’t get enough of Cassidy, and they watched his every move.

Janet Louise Johnson, 18, (C) poses with Shaun Cassidy (L) and Parker Stevenson at Universal Studios circa 1978. | Source: Getty Images

Interestingly, he’d often get questioned about Marie Osmond, a woman he’s never even met. Once he had enough of the questions about Osmond, he finally said: “Ah, it was just one wild night.” The media went crazy, and his statement made headlines as a direct quote from him.

Despite the flocks of women who craved his attention, only three women ever made it to Cassidy’s heart. These women are Ann Pennington, Susan Diol, and Tracey Lynne Turner.

Like many teen idols, Cassidy’s fame began simmering at one point in his career. By 1979, he married model and former Playboy bunny Ann Pennington, with whom he had three children.

At 21, Cassidy wanted nothing more than to be with his wife and children. He tried to live an everyday life away from the spotlight. The 1980s became a quiet decade for the rockstar, who kept a low profile. Unfortunately, in 1992, his marriage to Pennington ended.

Shaun Cassidy and Wife Ann Pennington during ABC Network "All-Star" Party - June 11, 1987 at Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California, United States. | Source: Getty Images

After his first marriage ended, Cassidy dated actress Susan Diol for two years before they married on May 7, 1995.

It took his children years to understand who their father was in his younger years, with a daughter of his even wondering about it while watching old videos.

Diol and Cassidy had a daughter named Juliet Jones. Their marriage lasted seven years, and they divorced in 2003. It took years before Cassidy found love again, but finally, after two failed marriages, he fell for the absolute love of his life.

After the demise of his marriage to Diol, the former teen idol married Tracey Lynne Turner in 2004. She is a TV producer with whom Cassidy shares four children.

In total, the singer-actor has eight kids with his three wives. It took his children years to understand who their father was in his younger years, with a daughter of his even wondering about it while watching old videos: “Why are those ladies screaming?”

Cassidy lives in a lovely wooden home with Turner and their young children. Their backyard is massive and has a trail, a vast garden, a baseball diamond, and a barn.

They have several pets, including horses, goats, pigs, tortoises, and birds. It’s a lovely environment for their children to grow up in, as they’re easily exposed to nature.

Inside their home are memorabilia of his life as a teen idol, including a vintage arcade game, his silver boots, which he used for performances, platinum and gold records, and photos of him during his prime. They were memories of a distant past that he has revisited.

His world tour is in full swing after mostly working behind the scenes through Shaun Cassidy Productions. However, he’s no longer the same idol he once was. He has undergone some changes over the past decades, and his voice is now much deeper.

A journalist fan revealed that Cassidy’s producers sped up his voice on his records to make it sound higher. However, that revelation hasn’t stopped fans from purchasing tickets for his shows, which are now more low-key and not as wild and loud as his concerts back in the 1970s.

Through it all, his wife has been his top supporter. The singer once admitted that he “wouldn’t be here without her.”

At 64, Cassidy is still full of life and love. He has a lot more milestones to experience with his young children, and he’s determined to be present for them all.

Like him, his ex-wives have happily moved on from their relationship with Cassidy. Diol is now 61 years old and has a new partner, while Pennington is looking youthful at 73.