Couple with Dwarfism Faced Criticism for Having Kids — Their Children Beat the Odds and Got ‘So Big’ and ‘Beautiful’

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A couple born with Dwarfism went against all odds to have a family of their own. They drew criticism for their choice to have children, yet are now thriving with their big and beautiful kids.

Charli Kate Adams faced criticism after revealing her choice to have children with her partner. They both have different types of Dwarfism – she has Achondroplasia, while her partner, Cullen, has Geleophysic Dysplasia.

Before deciding to have children, they underwent genetic testing that showed four different results for them: a child with average height, a child with Achondroplasia, a child with Geleophysic Dysplasia, or a child with double dominant dwarfism.

The latter of the four choices was the worst of all, as it would be fatal upon birth of a child. Despite these, they chose to have a family. As luck would have it, both of their pregnancies beat the odds. They are parents to two “beautiful” girls, and a son, with Dwarfism. Charli carried them to term and gave birth via Caesarean section.

Charli made sure to stay active throughout her two pregnancies. Because of this, the pregnancy didn’t put as much pressure on her spine as it normally should have.

Admittedly, Charli faced criticism from others due to her choice to have children. However, by sharing her story, she hoped others would understand where she was coming from.

“[…] by sharing this tiny piece of the puzzle those who doubt can see that bringing a child into this world with my odds is no simple decision and it’s all about being kind,” she shared.

Getting questions about the possibility of having a “normal” baby puzzled Charli because she’d always seen herself as normal. “I see myself and those like me as nothing but ‘normal’ but one can assume people are referring to my stature,” the proud mom said.

Through sharing her story online, Charli has cultivated an environment of kindness through her platforms. She’s gained quite a following, and many shower her with kind praises whenever she posts something about her journey.

Fans had plenty to say about the kids.“They are getting so big! So adorable,” one of their fans wrote. “They’re so cute! Look their happy faces…” said another.

The lovely couple are both aware that their family looks different from others and acknowledge the challenges that come with their short stature. Despite this, they always carry with them a light-hearted attitude.

The Adams family is looked up to by many because of how they choose to live their lives. It’s not always easy for people born with Dwarfism, but their ability to overcome challenges is inspiring.