Awesome beard, real grandpa! 67-year-old Mel Gibson surprised people with his new appearance

His new image is excellent for grandfathers 🧐🤔

Mel Gibson is a talented actor, who has played in various movies and is known all over the world for his talent. But it’s unbelievable that the star is already 67 and he doesn’t look as handsome as he looked before.

He started his career in 1976 when he played in the TV series The Sullivans. Then he started his successful career and became a popular actor.

Now he is not young anymore and his such a transformation is quite normal. He looks like a real grandfather, even many people claim that he seems to be a hero from fairy tales.

Although he is aged with face, his handsome figure is maintained. Others advised not to concentrate on his appearance, because he is a wonderful person in his inner world.

Some netizens expressed their admiration for his beard, saying that it suits him a lot and with it he looks like Santa.