Alyssa Milano, 51, Shares Snap of Herself ‘Co-sleeping’ with ‘Too Big’ Daughter, Sparking Online Buzz

Alyssa Milano’s parenting style was questioned after her recent Instagram post sparked mixed reactions online. The actress recently shared a sweet moment of closeness with her daughter cosleeping on her bed.

Alyssa Milano recently offered fans an intimate peek into her life as a mother. In a snapshot uploaded to Instagram, Milano shared a serene moment of co-sleeping with her daughter.

Capturing the essence of motherhood, she showed her young daughter, sound asleep and draped across her, embodying a scene of peace and familial love. Milano captioned the post, “This is what co-sleeping looks like.”

While a sweet sight, Milano’s post has since ignited a flurry of comments and opinions from fans and social media spectators alike. Critics of the post expressed concerns over the child’s age for co-sleeping.

Some comments included sharp remarks like, “She’s too big. She needs her own apartment” and “Definitely not.” Another comment suggested that Milano was seeking attention, saying, “She is a bit old for co sleeping, this is your attention magnet.”

However, the Instagram share was also met with an outpouring of support and positivity from many who saw the act as a universal expression of maternal affection. Supporters shared their own experiences and sentiments, with one writing, “I love that it’s pure love. It looks so much like us! But sometimes, it’s my daughter’s feet I have on my face.”

Alyssa Milano and Elizabella Dylan during a Taylor Swift concert, dated August 2023. | Source: Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

Alyssa Milano and Elizabella Dylan during a Taylor Swift concert, dated August 2023. | Source: Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

Others expressed a longing for similar moments, noting, “Awww I wish I could snuggle with my mom like this,” “A mother’s LOVE!” and “So cute. Your kids will always remember the warmth of sleeping next to you. Your warmth. Mom’s warmth. It’s pure love.”

Alyssa Milano and Elizabella Dylan in Lake Tahoe, dated August 2023. | Source: Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

Alyssa Milano and Elizabella Dylan in Lake Tahoe, dated August 2023. | Source: Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

Milano is no stranger to offering glimpses of her family life on social media. In April 2023, she posted a similar photo showing her daughter asleep beside her, which she described as a cherished part of motherhood.

As a parent, the “Charmed” star embraces an open and honest approach style with her children, whom she shares with her husband, Dave Bugliari. Understanding the complexity of the world they’re growing up in, Milano believes in engaging her son and daughter in meaningful conversations about pressing societal issues from a young age.

Topics such as feminism, body image, and bullying are daily discussions in their household as she holds the conviction that transparency with her children is essential. “I am a big believer in telling them the truth and not hiding anything from them,” she said.

Recognizing the tumultuous times we live in, Milano is committed to not sheltering her children from the chaos and turmoil that characterize the current global landscape.

She emphasized the importance of having deep, thoughtful conversations with her kids about what’s happening around them, ensuring they are informed and aware. This approach is part of her broader effort to empower her children, making sure they feel that their voices are heard and valued within the family.

When addressing the topic of body image, particularly with her daughter, Milano adopts a positive and empowering narrative. She teaches her daughter to view food as fuel, a source of energy and strength.

This lesson is especially pertinent as her daughter stands out as the only girl on her baseball team, highlighting the importance of resilience and self-confidence in challenging environments. Similarly, Milano’s son, who also plays on a baseball team is raised with the same values of openness and empowerment.

Milo and his team recently went on a Cooperstown trip, which created a stir on social media because of how funds were raised for the tour. Alyssa Milano recently took to X to ask fans for help raising funds for her son’s baseball team to go on tour. The response from the public was mixed, with some Twitter users expressing discontent over the request.

Notable reactions included a pointed critique, “The rich asking the poor! EAD fund it yourself.” Given her perceived financial status, another user echoed, “You could pay for the trip, and your accountant wouldn’t even notice a spike in your spending.

The termprivileged” also surfaced in the discourse, with another user commenting on the perceived disparity between Milano’s means and the typical fundraising efforts for such activities. More critics told Milano she was a socialist and asked why she wouldn’t pay for it instead of asking people with less money than her to do it.

Despite the criticism, Milano’s affection for her son has been a consistent theme on social media. She has often shared moments of pride, such as when her son graduated elementary school, sharing her emotional journey as a mother. Milano’s posts show a mother’s pride in her son’s achievements and the normalcy of supporting her child’s passions.

Milo Thomas during his graduation, dated May 2023 | Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

Milo Thomas during his graduation, dated May 2023 | Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

As shown on the GoFundMe page, the fundraising effort has garnered considerable attention, with numerous donations flowing in. However, the debate sparked by Milano’s appeal underscores the ongoing conversation about celebrity, privilege, and the appropriate ways to engage with the public on personal causes.

Alyssa Milano and Milo Thomas in Lake Tahoe, dated August 2023. | Source: Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

Alyssa Milano and Milo Thomas in Lake Tahoe, dated August 2023. | Source: Instagram/Milano_Alyssa

Despite the criticism, Milano is focused on being the best mom to her children. Motherhood has been a transformative experience for the actress, infusing her life with newfound confidence and purpose.

Reflecting on her journey, Milano shares that becoming a mother has reshaped her self-perception and ambitions. At 43, she found herself more assured and poised than ever before, attributing this significant change to the profound impact of motherhood.

The arrival of her son, Milo, marked a pivotal moment for Milano, who describes holding him for the first time as the instant she discovered her true calling. “I was like, ‘Oh, this is it! This is what life is,'” she recounted, emphasizing how, despite a fulfilling life prior, her true journey began with his birth.

Becoming a mom has grounded her, providing a lens through which the rest of her life is viewed and prioritized. This shift has heightened her sense of purpose and encouraged her to embrace risks in her career with greater confidence.

“[Motherhood] does put everything else in perspective in a powerful way, and gives you the confidence to do other things,” she continued. “You almost become, even though you may not be focusing on your career, you become more confident all around so you’re able to take more risks in your career.”

A passionate advocate for parenting and motherhood, Milano has been particularly vocal about normalizing breastfeeding. She points out the absurdity of the necessity for lactation consultants, attributing it to a societal disconnect from communal learning and support in breastfeeding. Her advocacy extends to the broader goal of making breastfeeding a visible, normal part of life for future generations.

Alyssa Milano is a testament to navigating motherhood gracefully and embracing life’s journey with positivity. Now in her 50s and a mother of two, Milano continues to impress with her vitality and fit physique, showcasing that age is but a number when it comes to maintaining one’s health and appearance.

Previously, she celebrated the beauty of life and her own natural body during a tropical vacation, where she effortlessly rocked a black swimsuit. Her social media was abuzz with photos from the trip, including a powerful, unfiltered image highlighting her stretch marks, symbolizing the stories of her life and motherhood.

Milano’s approach to aging and self-care is refreshingly candid and authentic. When she celebrated her 50th birthday, she shared a makeup-free photo, embracing her natural self and outlining her intentions to live fully, love abundantly, serve others, and count her blessings.

Her openness extends to discussing the realities of aging; when asked about her secret to managing wrinkles, Milano did not hesitate to share that she uses Botox, underlining her belief in authenticity and the value of self-care.

Embracing the aging process with confidence and grace, Milano advocates for a positive perspective on growing older. She emphasizes the importance of celebrating life’s milestones and the beauty inherent in aging, reminding us that not everyone is afforded the opportunity to experience such chapters of life.