An Ohio woman has been sentenced to involuntary manslaughter after her spouse was found dead minutes after he had performed oral sex onto her.

Annabelle Gaston, 28, was arrested last year after calling 911 when her husband, Irwin Gaston, 31, had a cardiac arrest while apparently being suffocated to death.

Gaston told the 911 operator at the time that she was sitting on her husband’s face while he was giving her cunnilingus when she realized his skin had changed color.

“We were having sex and he started eating my pussy […] I was just sitting on his face for like 25 minutes when his legs turned a greenish-blue color,” she told the 911 operator at the time, in horror.

Annabelle Gaston’s lawyer, James Caan, says he hopes to appeal the 10 years and six-month sentence given by the judge for her “reckless conduct.”

According to Gaston’s lawyer, Irwin Gaston “liked to insert his head inside my client’s vagina” and “my client warned him on multiple occasions that it was a dangerous practice” he told the judge.

Franklin County District Court Judge Henry Miller sentenced Annabelle Gaston to 10 years and six months after he judged her sexual practices “extremely dangerous behavior” and a “completely reckless conduct” for a woman of her size.

To prove this, the prosecutor showed documents attesting that paramedics took at least 12 minutes to release the head of Irwin Gaston from the inside of Annabelle Gaston’s genitals.

“The time of death is estimated to be 17 minutes before the 911 call and 59 minutes after Irwin Gaston’s head was removed from the inside of the defendant’s genitals,” he said in court before delivering his sentence.

Irwin Gaston was also hospitalized last year only weeks after the couple’s honeymoon after “large amounts of fecal matter” had entered his lungs “during oral-anal intercourse” according to a medical report presented in court.